I Am

I am not a robot following commands.
I am a person of strong convictions.
I am not a violent person.
I believe peace can be achieved.

I am not a greedy person.
I believe that wealth breeds corruption.
I am not a war monger.
I believe we can work thing out.

I am not blameless.
I have my faults.
I am not free to insults.
I will walk away.

I am not free of hate.
I believe I can free myself of hate.
I am not heartless.
I can love all.

I am not the person you think I am.
I am and always have been strong in faith.
I am not a doubter.
I am a spreader of Good News.

I am not a monster to be afraid of.
I would not hurt a fly.
I am not a mold of society.
I am me and I walk my own road.

I do not believe in fairy tales.
I believe in my heart.
I do not keep secrets.
I am an open book.

I am not God.
I would not pretend to be.
I am not an Angel.
That would be pretending to be God.

I am always here.
I am always caring.
I am always loving.
I am always there for you.
I am the one who will hold you while you cry.
I am the who will listen.
I am the person that smiles at you each day.
I am all of this and more.

I am not.
Yet I am.
That was yesterday.
And this is today.
I am not yesterday.
I am now.

I am not.
Yet I am.

I am.
Are you?


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