Cheating Life

I looked Death in the eye.
His boney fingers wrapped around the scythe.
The hood hid his face.
His other hand pointed at me and I felt his cold breath.

I pushed him away.
I said no in my mind.
Not today, not until I am ready.
His fingers fell to his side.

I cheated Death that day.
But I feel his cold breath on my neck.
I feel him following me everywhere I go.
I can feel his cold stare.

Death is just around the corner.
It lingers in the night.
Watching for you make a mistake.
Death does not discriminate.

Death can come swiftly.
Or it can come slowly.
As one who lye’s  on a dying bed suffering.
Or the one shot in war.

Death does not like to be cheated.
And Death does not know right from wrong.
Death points at you and his hand lay’s on your shoulder.
Then you can feel the cold hard earth that is your grave.

Death follows everyone.
Death is there behind that door.
Death is everywhere.
Death has your number.

Do not cheat Death.
For Death will follow you.
You will feel the cold breath,
And the damp cold grave.
The stone will be engraved with your name.
You will just be another soul perished from time.
Death will make sure that you travel to that dark damp place.
Death’s breath will chill the back of your neck.
Death’s breath will haunt you in your dreams.

Death neither lives.
Nor does Death die.
Death lives for one purpose only.
And Death does the job very well.

Do not cheat Death.
You may not cheat Death again.
Some people have cheated Death more than once.
Death follows and so does the cold wind of the grave.

Death lives for no one.
And everyone fears the Reaper.



2 thoughts on “Cheating Life

  1. Sent a shiver down my spine…chilling .. well written

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