Between Will and I

If I protect you will you be okay?
If I shelter you from the cruel world,
Will you understand?
If I keep you all to myself,
Will you always be mine?

If I let you go,
Will you come back?
If I let the world surround you,
Will you hate me.
If I never protect you,
Will harm come to you?

If I love you,
Will you love me?
If I give you my heart,
Will you give me yours?

If I give everything I own,
Will you be happy?
If I embrace you every night,
Will you embrace me too?

When I grow old,
Will you grow old with me?
When I die,
Will you remember me?

When I am in my grave,
Will you come to me?
When I have gone before my maker,
Will you pray for me?

If I did all these things,
Will you do them too.
Will you stay by my side?
Will you love me always?
Will you overlook my faults?
Will you take my hand when I am sick?
Will you keep my heart with yours?
Will you never let me go?
Will you say I love you everyday?
Will you allow me to court you?
Will you allow me when I am eighty to hold your hand?
Will you listen to my stories?
Will you never tire of my habits good or bad?

Will you love me forever?
Will you love me tomorrow?
Will you love me today?

Do you know I love you?


2 thoughts on “Between Will and I

  1. Wow…so beautiful!! Loved it!

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