White Raven

In darkness I travel.
I do not need light you see.
I am behind the door.
I am in the closet and under the floor.

I sit on your roof looking down.
I scratch your windows and panes.
I watch you peek out into the night.
I hear you cover your head.

When you leave, I go.
When you return, I am there.
Ever watching, seeing only you.
In the mirror you will not see.

I am the burden of life for you and me.
I slip past your door at night.
I watch you sleep, your sheets over your head.
I hear you breath and for a moment your breath is mine.

I sit on top of your house.
I wait for you each day.
I know that someday you will pay.
And I will be there to take you away.

I am white in the night.
I am nothing in the light.
My eyes peer through the darkness.
Just to watch you while you sleep.

I spread my wings and call in the night.
You answer when you shake and look out.
You life is ever close to me.
I am the White Raven who collects souls.

You will not see me but I am there.
I will watch you and you will feel me.
I see everything that you do.
I wait claws wrapped on the tile roof.

I hear what no man hears.
The calling of the dead.
I am the White Raven who sees in the dark.
I am the one that the light never touches.

And I watch you in the night.


4 thoughts on “White Raven

  1. soumyav says:

    awesome James! the theme too looks nice

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