Daughter Of Mine

When I first looked into your big brown eyes.
I knew the world was about to change.
Even a small as you were.
You would cause many tears.
Tears of Joy and Love.

I knew we would fight.
I knew there would be times you would not like me.
But I knew that I would always Love You.
That I would watch over and protect you.
Even when you did not want me to.

You started school and I cried.
You played in sports and I cried.
You had a boyfriend and I was scared.
You grew up to fast and I cried. 
You were still my little girl.

You went to a dance and I watched.
As you went from a child you a young woman.
I became selfish and wanted my little girl back.
God had other plans for this wonderful child.

Time flew by and one day you were married.
And I cried.
You had your babies and I cried.
I look and now you are woman.
Working hard to make your life.
And I cried.

I miss the music, the singing and dancing.
I miss your voice each day.
I miss your big brown eyes.
Making Daddy melt, and yes, you got your way.
And that made me cry.

No matter how old you get.
No matter how far away you may be.
I will always love you.
And I will cry.
Not tears of sorrow but of joy.

You see when they put you in my arms that day.
I became something that I never dreamed I would be.
I became a Father and Protector of this small child.
There was no manual of instructions so we did our best.
Now that child is a Mother, Provider of Love and Care.

Melanie, when you were born, God gave me another chance.
A chance to show that I can love as much as he does.
As he is our Father, I am yours too.
And without a doubt you are the greatest daughter in the world.

And I am crying.
Not of sorrow but of Joy.

I Will Always Love You as I told you many years ago.
Proud and full of joy that God gave me you.
And I will Cry.
Not of sorrow but of Joy.

My brown eyed little girl is a woman now.
In joy I cry for the happiness you have given me.
In joy I cry for the memories I have of you.
In joy I will cry, just for you.

Melanie, I Love You.



Photo By Barbara Jean Wells, Copyright 2013






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