Crisis In My Mind

It is beyond my understanding.
I cannot come to terms with it.
And I am not sure that it is mine.

I hurt from deep within.
A place that I cannot hide.
I have it hidden well.

My heart burns deep within.
My mind is running faster each moment.
And I am not sure that they care.

They will never know how I feel.
And this I carry with me forever.
Never able to say it.

I will never understand it.
Sometimes I hope I never will.
A pain that stains the soul.

I hope that someday it will go away.
But I am not sure that it will.
So hiding within myself is all I have for now.

Can you help with this trouble?
Will I ever be the same?
Can I find myself in this world of pain?

I have tried for many years.
And was almost there one day.
But then you left and went very far away.

Now I can not tell you.
For you have gone to Him.
He will keep you safe and never worry again.

If by chance he lets you.
Would you come by one more day?
For love never Ends when it Begins.


One thought on “Crisis In My Mind

  1. soumyav says:

    heart rendering lines,James

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