Needful Things

It is nothing that you can see.
It is something you can feel.
It touches you as you walk.
It speaks to you as you sit.
It lifts you up as you sleep.
It opens when you come to it.
It understands when you don’t.
It believes when you doubt.
It is brave when you are weak.
It catches you when you fall.
It mends your heart when it is broken.
It is nothing more and nothing less.
It always has what you need.
It never hates but always loves you.
It never strays but is always with you.
It asks for nothing but you give it love.
It gives hope where there is none.

“Love, Hope and Charity.
The greatest of these is Love.”
The Bible


2 thoughts on “Needful Things

  1. soumyav says:

    wonderful share

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