The sun was up despite the clouds.
It was warm and so I lay beneath a tree.
Watching the clouds roll by.

Then the clouds parted.
And a large beam of  light broke through.
This light touched the earth so gentle.

And there I saw two figures.
Smiling and waving as if they calling me.
Then I watched as they began to rise.
Through the beam of light they glided upwards.

Still smiling and waving I felt the urge to run toward them.
But as I got up the disappeared through the clouds.
Waving and smiling I looked for them.

When I reached the beam of light there were rose petals on the ground.
I picked them up and faces appeared on the petals.
My friends were gone and I held their smiling faces in my hand.

I woke to find I was under a tree.
The rose petals in my hand.
I looked and the faces were gone.
The beam of light closed ever so slow.

I smiled and something smiled back.
I looked but they were gone.
I spread the petals on the water.
And watched them float down the stream.

When I looked into the water the smiles were there.
A tear in my eye they shook their heads as if to say not to cry.
They smiled again and the day became night.
I smiled and felt the hands on my shoulders.

I left and walked home.
I knew the smiles and the eyes of the beam of light.
And I smiled.


Dedicated to two wonderful Friends.

To my dear friend with Love.
Cindy Gayle (Moffatt) Gilliam
Oct. 7 1954 to April 17 2013

And to my life long Friend
Tonia Dee (Wilson) Miller
 September 20, 1952 to April 29, 2013

May they rest in peace.

Authors note: This is the last of the writing for my departed friends. They were two who left me much. I would not be who I am if I had not knew them. It is a Honor to have called them my friends. They died only eleven days apart. One younger than me and the other older than me. Only by a year on each account. I Love Them Both and Always Will.


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