The Final Scene

Here I am at the beginning of the day.
Knowing that you have gone far away.
Yet it is close when I look to my heart.
Even though we may be apart.

Thank You for the gift you gave.
I will cherish all the rest of my days.
I would have liked to say goodbye.
But I know now that it was no mistake.

As you walk through those pearly gates.
Give a nod for us who are in wait.
I look forward to see you again.
But know that I will miss you until then.

So I dedicate my page to you.
Because of what you meant to me.
A friend and love without question.
A memory of life that cannot compare.
With where you are way up in the air.

So I love you now, I loved you then.
I hope some day we’ll be together again.
Remember me as I do you.
This page is just for you.


Dedicated to two wonderful Friends.

To my dear friend with Love.
Cindy Gayle (Moffatt) Gilliam
Oct. 7 1954 to April 17 2013

And to my life long Friend
Tonia Dee (Wilson) Miller
 September 20, 1952 to April 29, 2013

May they rest in peace.


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