It was just another day.
It was long ago.
And what seems, far away.

You came in our lives.
You brought joy and love to us.
Your laughter was a gift.

Yes, it was just another day.
But it was not long ago.
It was not far way.
When God called you home.

Many days we will feel pain.
Many days we will feel empty.
Many ways we will not believe it to be true.

Yet as each day passes and you are not here.
Will be another day that we miss you.
Another day that we pray.
Your memory is always with us.

You will never be gone.
You will be in our hearts and mind.
You will be ever so lightly on our lips.
To ask you how you’ve been.

We loved you for many years.
And we will still love you many more.
We hope you will watch us.
And hope that you will help us.
To know you are okay.

Thank You for your love.
That is what made you so bright.
We will remember you each day of our lives.
And join you on the next journey in our lives.


To my dear friend with Love.
Cindy Gayle (Moffatt) Gilliam
Oct. 7 1954 to April 17 2013


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