For Myself

This is not my normal blog. If you have read the blog I posted earlier you might know that I lost a dear friend. I just found out about it yesterday and she passed on the 17.

She was very special to me as she was “My First Love.” They always say you never forget the first love oh and then there all those other first that you don’t forget but that is not why I want to say this.

I loved the woman from my High School days. I graduated in 1971 and we started dating in 1969. I broke up with her right before I started college. (Dumb thing #1 to do). Then I joined the military (Dumb thing #2 to do) and while in the military I searched for her knowing that she was also in the Military.

That is the short story. I have been shocked and am not sure what I am feeling right now. I can not cry. I wish I could. I feel no pain. I wish a little would help. I don’t feel a loss. I would hope I would. So I can not seem to nail down what it is that I am feeling. The closest thing I can put here is “Empty.”

So For My First Love. I DEDICATE all of my Blogs next week to her. Cindy Gayle (Moffatt) Gilliam. May she rest in Peace.
April 17, 2013



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