It is a long way home.
And a long time getting there.
It won’t be the way you left it.
And the ones you knew will be gone.

The marks you made are but a shadow in time.
The streets you once drove on are empty of busy cars.
The places you use to go have been leveled to the ground.
Oh, the memories flash before your eyes.

And when the sun sets the lights are all down low.
The moon rises over a sleepy town.
It is not like you left it and I suppose it never will.
This life that you lived is the memories in your mind.

It was a long way home.
And it took a long time to get there.
It was not the way I left it.
And all my friends are gone.

The streets empty of cars.
The memories of long ago travel through my mind.
I turn around sad of what is not there.
A ghost town is where I lived.
And it was long ago.

I pray someday before I go the place I called Home.
Will be full again with laughter and joy.
As they lay me to rest with Mom and Dad.
On my last journey home.


One thought on “Homeward

  1. soumyav says:

    nostalgic indeed!

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