In and Out

In the silence, we look for answers.
In our hurt we wonder why!
In our grief we blame God.

In our life we are never sure.
In our dreams our nightmares become real.
In our journey there are to many roads.

Lost and alone we feel betrayed.
In the dark we seek but cannot find.
We wonder if someone will miss us.

Tired and alone we lay down.
Sleep overcomes us.
And so we dream.

When we wake the darkness is gone.
We are still searching for answers.
No one seems to care.

In our mind we are lost.
In our heart we are hurt.
In our world we have been betrayed.

Will Love ever find us?
Will be lost and betrayed?
Never knowing where to turn.
Only knowing that we are alone.
That only we can chose the path.

It is our choice to go right or left.
Yet will it be right or wrong?
We will live in right or wrong,
Never knowing if we are Right.
Only knowing that it is not wrong.

The last road takes us ………………..


3 thoughts on “In and Out

  1. soumyav says:

    loved the strangle of thoughts that overpower our mind in life. you expressed well

    • Thank You. I really like your blog. I never thought about blogging before and found this site and I am finding it to be a wonderful place to read all the wonderful things people write and share.

      • soumyav says:

        Honoured to hear that James! Yes this is a different world altogether wher we can read the minds and thoughts of one another who are sitting in another part of the globe…amazingly you will be surprised to see how thoughts match even if dnt know the other person.

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