A Tear Stained Prose

When the sun comes up in the morning.And I pray that it will be a good day.
I have hope for love in the world.

When I turn on the TV.
All I see is hate and violence.
People dying in the streets.

But it is not in some Country far away from here.
It is right outside my front door.
Children dying, Parents dying, and panic.

This is not the Country I grew up in.
I grew up where you mowed the grass once a week.You went to Church on Sundays.

A place where everyone knew everyone else.A loving community with love on every corner.
A town I am still proud to say is my home town.

I fear that my grandchildren will grow up alone.I fear they will stay inside instead of playing outside.
I fear that it will be a world of war and violence.

I hope an pray that this is not true.I hate feeling blue.
I the feeling that I have to look over my shoulder.

I hope that there will be Peace once more.
I hope that I am wrong.
I hope that you and I can agree.
I hope that we can share.
I hope our faith does not divide us.
I hope our love will bind us.

Mothers and Fathers should not have to bury their children.Children should not have to grow up without Mothers and Fathers.
We should not be afraid to go out and have fun.

Someday that will be true.
Someday we will sing together.
Someday we will laugh and cry together.
Someday we will if Someday ever comes.

To  the city of Boston
To those families who lost loved ones
To those who are injured.
To those who will relive that day over and over.

I pray for you.
I pray that someday will come.
And this all will be only a time in History.
That we have gone beyond today.

Hear is a tear to stain this page.
I looked in that little boys eyes.
I looked into my Grandson’s eyes.
And I cried because I was glad it was not him.
And I cried for that little boy who will never grow up.

May your life be full of Joy and Peace.
From this day on.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is neither poetry or prose. These are words of a longtime resident of this world who has seen terrible things in his life. Who cry’s when he sees injustice and killing. I love my Country. But this is not the one I grew up in and I am afraid that all those growing up now will never see the days from the past that I seen.


2 thoughts on “A Tear Stained Prose

  1. soumyav says:

    I could feel the sense of pain and anguish through your words ! An honest sincere wish and prayer to grant the world to be a better place to live in..

    • Thank you. That was the very core of what was coming from my heart. It took me a little bit to get the thoughts in order. I hope they say what I wanted them to. And I must have got it right. Thank You so very much.

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