My Love

The music is playing
The lights are turned down real low.
You are in my arms.
I reach down and kiss your neck.

And I watch as the bumps rise on your neck.You know I want you.
And you know you want me.
But tonight is our night.
A magical escape from life.

No one in the place cares that we are there.
You take advantage of the darkness.
You place your hand on my leg.
You know what that does to me.

You smile and turn toward me just to see.
You catch a small light in my eyes.
You see the pleasure in my eyes.
I start to kiss you but you turn your head.

Teasing me like we have not been there before.
A mellow sound comes from the speakers.
You lean back on me and lay your head on my shoulder.
The smell of your hair excites me.

The glow from your long brown hair so beautiful.
I put my hand one yours and you close your fingers around mine.
You slim long fingers embrace mine.
I feel the warmth from your body.

The heat of passion that you have.
You raise our hands up and kiss my hand.
For a moment you linger before stopping.
Letting your breath lightly flow across my hand.

Smiling you see the bumps rise on my arm.
You close your eyes, you whisper “I Love you.”
My heart swells inside me and I almost cannot speak.
Yet I reply, “I Love you too.”

Your eyes open and you turn around looking in my eyes.
You place your hand on my cheek.
Slowly you come closer to my face with yours.
Your lips part and your eyes close.

The warmth of your lips on mine stops time.
And in the morning when I wake up.
And you are not there.
I wonder if it was a dream or were we really there.

I long for that feeling again.
The music was playing real low in my room.
I looked across the room.
There was no sign of you anywhere.

But I can still smell your hair.
I can feel your body next to mine.
I feel your lips so soft and sweet.
I look deep for your eyes.
But you are not there.

When I said goodnight you were smiling.
When I said I Love You, you cried.
When I ask you to marry me.

You were gone.
And I was alone again.
Head in my pillow.
Heart on fire.
Pounding out the pain.

A dream or were you there?
And I would never see you again.


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