Until Someday

Someday I will grow up.

Someday I will be a man.

Someday I will fight evil.

Someday right will defeat wrong.

Someday there will be Peace in the world.

Someday prayers will be answered.

Someday life will be through.

Someday we will find truth.

Someday we will know the answer.

Someday the light will overcome darkness.

Someday children will not be afraid.

Someday children will not starve.

Someday everyone gets a chance.

Someday the dream will come true

Until someday we must try.

Until someday we must change.

Until someday we must fight.

Until someday we will see the light.

Until someday we will fear no more.

Until someday our questions will be answered.

Until Someday,

If Someday ever comes.


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