Out of nowhere you came to me.

Out of darkness you made it light.

Out of sadness you made me smile.


I remember you very well.

You took my heart in your hands.

You loved me and gave me strength.


You smiled and I felt warm inside.

You kissed my wounds and I was healed

You touched me and I was whole.


You spoke and I understood.

You walked and I followed.

You showed me the way.


You gave me rest.

And I found freedom.

You let me believe and I was saved.


You forgave me.

And I cried.

You died and I was found.


You gave me everything.

And I praise your name.

When all was lost you were there.


When everything was dark.

You brought me into the light

And I believe in you.

You said that because I did I will be forgiven.


That is all I need.

Nothing more.

Just you.


2 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. soumyav says:

    A divine composition!

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