One Will Live And One Will Die

See how they wander around?

Lost and without purpose.

They know not what they are searching for.

Yet it is right in front of them.

How lonely they must be!

They go here and there and come back again.

None knowing what they seek.

They call out in pain.

One calls God, while another calls Allah.

Then one sings Om and the others chant in harmony.

One ask for guidance while others ask for gold.

Some seek knowledge while others remain in the dark.

None so proud as to stand up and show ignorance of what it wants.

One will die and another find riches.

One will have wisdom while the other wanders endlessly about the earth.

Day will break and they will start it over again.

Calling out for one they can not see.

They will ask for more because there is never enough.

They will seek out what they are not given.

They steal from each other gaining nothing in the end.

Once they lay down again for sleep one will find the way.

But in the night a stranger appears and takes one away.

Another will die and some will wonder.

As they again  seek what they can not see.

Allah, God, Om and Chanting become one.

If only they knew to only take what they need.

Leaving the rest for another day.

One will die and another will seek.

And life’s circle will start again.

For as each day there will be night.

And as one is born they begin to die.

For what they believe is handed down.

Never written or printed to paper.

Pass from mouth to ear they teach each the way.

And one day the Aliens came and moved them far away.

They took the language and culture.

And one will die and another will get away.

When all is said and the day is through.

They bow to the Sun and rise to the Moon.

The tides of the water and the flow of the earth.

Teach if one will but see.

One will die and another see.

And in that time life will fall away.


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