Long Winter Years

Deep in the darkness,

when I am all alone.

I see you smiling,

holding you in my arms.

Your eyes shine in the moonlight,

your hair smells of a new morning dew.

And if I never told you,

I do very much Love You.

When we parted on that

dark, dreary night,

I would not realize that

I broke your heart.

I thought I was grown up,

and going out in the world.

When all that was done, it only

 hurt you and me.

I searched for you for,

endless hours.

Sadly I found myself all alone.

And in my darkest hours,

when I lay on my bed.

I see your bright eyes,

and your beautiful face.

I long to make right what I did to you.

And make you mine again someday.

Yet, when I finally found you,

you had found another.

He fills your life and with him

you will stay.

So even though you are there,

and I am here.

I never stopped loving you dear.

And I love you still.

December 25, 2011


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