I have been told that I am a “Teacher.” And others say I am a “Seeker.” I have found that I am both. I am a seeker who teaches. It has taken me a long to realize what they meant when they said these things. Now it is clear. So from the past I find some things that are interesting. They are thoughts I wrote down many years ago. Here are a couple of them. The first one I did not write but read it and it did not give an author.

“I am not after fame or glory. I seek neither, I just want to serve mankind.”  noted in my notebook in 1968.

“Yesterday my mind was forming,

Today my mind is wondering.

Tomorrow it is stronger to see.

But at the moment it is weak.”

Written by me April 2, 1970

Blessings to all who seek knowledge and embrace it with all their heart and soul for their seeking will bring them beauty and understanding.



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