A Matter Of The Mind

Poe once wrote about “A Dream Within A Dream”, which seems rather funny since recently I was dreaming that I was dreaming and I could not wake up. I knew I was dreaming and yet everything I tried would not wake me up.

Now this was a rather disturbing since the second dream I was flying an airplane and I have no idea how to fly an airplane and I think I was afraid that I was going to crash and everyone knows that if you die in a dream you really die??? Not going to prove that one or disprove it. Too much risk involved.

So dreaming is sometimes a beautiful experience when it is something that you like or pleasurable. But when it comes to dreaming that dream and it is just out of your reach then it’s time to change the dream pattern. But can you control what you dream about? I have tried to think certain thoughts while going to sleep to avoid dreaming what is to me the same thing only under different conditions.

I use to have a nightmare that started when I was young. You know back when they showed you those films on how to duck under your desk in case that bomb from the USSR comes down on you. WOW, like a desk was going to save us from one Millisecond of bright light and enough heat to melt the sun.

I use to dream that I could see the bomb coming and would start to run. I would run fast and just when I thought I was far enough away I could feel the heat on my back and then everything would go black and I would wake up. Sweating and shaking. So I suppose if you did not grow up in the US during the cold war then you did not see all those movies and booklets about bomb shelters and lying in the ditch.

Yep that is the good ole US screwing with our minds and it worked. It worked so good that only a few years ago (when the wall came down) did the dreams stop. I have never had one of those dreams since. Which gives me great pleasure because now you never know what you are going to wake up from and wonder why you had that dream?

Oh and if you go to sleep with ear buds in your ear and a memories from the past you can punish yourself for being the idiot in the car that night that broke up with the girl of your dreams only to messing up the rest of your life realizing that mistake made that night caused you more than the emotional pain but gave you real pain. You would make bad decisions for a long time and then one day they would all come down on you.

So when I dream you may ask. What do I dream of? Well once I dreamed that two of my nieces (they are both older than me) were sitting in the floor of my house that I grew up in counting pasta shells. Now I do not know about you but what the heck was that about. And then there are those dreams (and this is not x-rated it is just weird) where I am naked. Now I would say that is something to worry about but in the dream it does not seem like anyone else realizes that I am naked. It is only me. Funny how that I run around this way and never stop on anything and hurt my feet.

Moving on the dreams is usually of childhood friends, girlfriends, and people that I have met in my Life Journey. And the only girlfriends I dream of consist of two. One who introduced me to two things that changed my life? And one who stole my heart while I broke hers. And I am sure that she never gave it back. Because she is one of those who keeps avoiding being caught. Yet she acts like she wants to be caught but just when she is within my grasp she moves away or we end up somewhere else and I have to chase her again.

Dreaming. What a gift we have been given. If we are lucking and dream good dreams they for a few hours every night take our minds off of the everyday hate, and killing that goes on in this world. It helps us to cope with the worry that our children are okay and that our grandchildren grow up knowing right from wrong. Making sure that your children know that if they get in a bind you will be there. No matter how old they get you will always worry.

Love in a dream is real. It is what your really feel in life. So when you feel it in a dream you know it is true. Even if in the real life you cannot show that love the way you should. Because that is wrong you are told. But how do you stop love? Can you stop it? Can you love more than one person? And I am not talking about family. But can you love more than one? Is it possible? And if you can do you keep one a secret and never tell them? What does it mean? Are you bad or wrong for feeling this?

I think that only God can tell you if it is wrong and someday he may just do that. But I believe he forgives because we have free will and will always sin because we are human. And that my friend’s is where it all ends. For none of us can answer that and be true to ourselves. And that’s where we must leave this. Without a doubt we will think about this subject.

And so I leave you with Edgar Allen Poe. “It is just A Dream Within A Dream,”


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