Can there be a tomorrow if you are gone?
Will I feel the same when it becomes dawn?

How can I live without you and live in pain.
When all I can think of you being with you again.

Is there a tomorrow, and will you come back to me?
If I say I am sorry of the mistakes I made!

Is there a future where I don’t miss you?
Is there a moment when your memory is gone?

Never knowing where to find you is agony and pain.
If I see you tomorrow will ever be the same?

Just a thought for C


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Hello Sir,

    I was doing a collection of poems on my blog- with alphabets as muses.. Would it interest you to do a guest blog? Maybe take an alphabet and write about it..

    You could take an alphabet as your muse…say U or V…and take either of the two forms to write the poem-
    1. use as many words with that alphabet and write a poem (like usher, us, uplift, unsure)
    2. use the same word again and again (like unseen life, unseen days, unseen incident, unseen soul)
    choosing an alphabet is up to you – either U or V..

    Let me know if you’re up to this small poetic blogging challenge.

    Best Wishes.

    • jewells53 says:

      Yes, I would love to do this. I would like the alphabet “U” and will use the same word over and over. I can probably have this to you sometime tomorrow. I live in the middle of the US we are on CST (daylight savings). As it was late when I logged on it may take a little longer than I would like but I will get it to you sometime tomorrow, if that is okay.


      • It works absolutely fine.
        I am delighted your work will be a part of my blog.. Needless to say, credit will be all yours.

        Thank you so much for contributing!

    • jewells53 says:

      I got an email from you and was wondering (I am still kind of new to this) who you are were talking about that liked “Tomorrow?” I would like to see the blog. I would like to see it and as you said I may really like it.
      Thank You

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