How long does pain last? Is there an answer with a number? Does pain last forever or for just a few minutes? Some say that the body forgets pain but the brain has the power to remember a different kind of pain.

The pain of loss, mistakes, and when you are alone. There may be many more if we think about it. This is the pain that the soul carries with it until death. Hopefully the last pain is avoided. That is the pain of death.

How can you get by this pain? When your mind is wired to remember all things that hurts the heart and soul but not the pain of the body when one is injured. That pain leaves and until another type of injury happens you will not remember just how much that it hurt.

The mental pain that people carry can sometimes cause them to do many things that they might not normally do. Some pain is lashed out in depression and depression can sometimes cause the person to take their own life. In extreme cases they sometimes take someone with them.

Why do we have to remember this pain? Is it our punishment for sinning? For if you are hurt you might realize your mistake or your ignorance and hurt someone which would cause pain and some would say a “sin.” But are we suppose to forgive? Forgiving starts by forgiving yourself. Then asking who you harmed to forgive you and if they do then the pain goes away. However if they never say that they forgive you the pain becomes deeper.

Humans are bad about beating ourselves up and that just brings us to another low in life that hurts so bad we can not escape the pain. We do not let ourselves forget because our mind has bookmarked that pain and filed it away so that you are reminded of it when you least expect it.

Forgive and Forget! It is hard to do! I would do anything to get back what I have done and so my mind would be happy. If only they would understand. Life is Life and Love is Love but Pain we carry with us always.



For You C…… Forgive me.


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