Fork In The Road

Walking in life can be very dangerous without a plan. However when you are young you never have a plan. You may think you have a plan but later in life you will see that your plan was nothing and it did not get you anywhere or anything. That is life but you have to live with that big mistake for years. And can you shake it and forget it?

Seems that as each bump in the road makes you think of where you started and what you left behind. Crying in your beer so to speak does not work but sometimes you think it does which is just puts us all in the road waiting to be called road kill.

That fork stabs you and makes you bleed and it never goes away. Then we suffer. Will we ever learn? Holding on to those things that we had? When will you learn? Would you ever learn? Will you forgive yourself and be brave enough to get forgiven?

The end of the road may never be pretty or nice with all the wonderful things that you dream of standing there waiting for our open arms? We can never go home again? Not accepting that will pull us down forever. Yet we seem to like the pain it causes us. And the reason we are this way, well lets just say that the other person may never know or care. And that makes the pain deeper.

What is lost in Love is never gained when you have lost it.


You Are Still Loved. Never more than today as you were yesterday.


For You C.


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