Deja vu Prequel To “Missing”

It happened the first day they moved into the rented room. It was Sunday night and the next day they would start College. Nervous and having nothing to do they take out for a little ride while there is still sunlight out. They do not realize that before this day is done they will experience something that they have only read about and not sure they ever believed any other accounts of the same nature.

The little car putts down the street not knowing where to go because they are not from this city next to a large city. They have never had the occasion to go to this city and learn where things are at in this very large city. They came from a very small country town where they knew every detail of the town and could take you anywhere in that town without even thinking about it.

This will be the time that they will question the very nature of their faith and what they have been told about what was always in the news and would be shut down as false and that no one has solid proof that this person or that place ever happened or was ever there. And this is where the first step to Missing comes to light.

The little car goes down a road and then to the highway where they find an interesting religious place that they had seen all their life but never knew what it was all about. So without pause they pull in and park next to the tallest structure on the property. They get out and start to walk to the door when they see the sign that says it is closed on Sundays.

They start wandering around the grounds admiring all the beautiful landscape and the buildings which look like someone had moved them here from the eastern countries in either Asia or the lower European nations. There are plenty of benches to sit on and so they sit for a while.

Then without much thought they walk to a building that is close and when they touch the door handle they find it is not locked and so they entered. The doorway lead to a round room and in the middle was a round information fixture. It had many things in all the slots. There were two things that caught their eyes. Both were cards with printing on them and they picked them up and found to have beautiful things about faith on them.

They stood there and read this cards and then put them away in their pocket. The next thing would change their life forever. It felt like days had gone by when only seconds had gone by.

They turned to leave and all of a sudden they feel like they were lifted up in the air. When they stopped they were looking at some clear glass or plastic with words etched in them. Without moving their feet they were presented with each individual glass plate and they read the words as they turned. There was a light behind each one. Later they would find that these plates were called the shining words.

Just as they had been lifted up in the air they settled back down to the floor where their body had never moved toward the door or had turned in any direction. With the blink of the eye they left the building with a strange feeling that they had been here before. Something they had not felt when they first got there.

They would slowly walk back to their car in a daze and drove back to the rented room where they went to bed but laid there looking at the ceiling trying to put together what had just happened and now they had questions. Lots of questions. But it would they would not get answers until the weekend when they would make the trip home.

When they got home they ask both of their parents about the place they had drove by for years on the way to their Sisters house. Both parents said they had never been there before let alone take them to the place. So the next thing they would need to do would go to their Sisters house and ask her the same question. They would do that on Sunday. They would leave early to be able to go see their Sister.

When they got their Sisters house they talked for a little while and they then ask their Sister and her husband if they had taken them to the place before. They got the same answer from Sister as they had from their parents. So there was no one else that could have taken them there and this would make them really think about the experience they had.

This experience would be a mystery for a very long time. One without answers and meaning. They would keep this secret locked up in their head for the rest of their life until the next thing that happened to them put more mystery into the life they were now experiencing. This thing would cause them to loose time and it happened later. It was written about in the blog “Missing.”

These two things would haunt them and cause them many nights of no sleep wondering exactly what happened to them. Or were they loosing their minds. They had not taken any drugs as this happened in the years where drugs were freely available from just about anyone you would walk up to in college. They had not been drinking either and this all added up to a puzzle that never would be put together.

Today those two experience would start to come back and they now wanted answers but who were they to go to? Who would listen without judgement and give them the answer? Could they ever find a way to find out? The two experiences that have been described in two blogs has never happened to them again. They would always question themselves and the sanity of their very being.

So Deja vu became only something that happened long ago. A feeling of always being called back to see if it would happen again. However they would never set foot back in there again. They were to scared to try it and see if it would happen again.

Deja vu!


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