Have you ever heard of someone loosing time? You know that thing about not knowing where you were at for several days at a time. No matter how much you try you can not find memories for a specific time in your life. It can be a big puzzle and you may be afraid to tell anyone because they might laugh at you or think you are crazy.

Well what if I told you that a person drove to a town one night and did not find what they were looking for and drove back home. They got home before midnight. Went to bed and when they woke up it was two days later. The person that they lived with said to them that they did not even know they were home. And the next thing they would find out would even be more of a puzzle.

It also was the same person who told you what day it is and you do not believe it. This time lost started on a Friday night. The person drove about sixty miles and turned around and drove back as they did not find the person they were looking for. They went to bed around eleven thirty and when they got up they put on their clothes and started to out to a local event that happens every Saturday night but when they come out of their room the person that they are renting the room from ask them where they were going. When they answered the person said that you could not go to that because it is Sunday night. Five PM on Sunday night.

So they go get into their car and drive down to the place where usually a large crowd of people meet every Saturday night only to find it closed and Church doors open for evening Worship. Now they are really puzzled. They just can not figure out what happened to almost two days of their life.

Now for years this time in their life has been a constant puzzle. Never knowing if they can tell anyone without sounding like a basket case. So they keep the secret deep inside until one day as life has finally made them realize that they need the answer. They had to have the answer but at what cost? Does this mean that this secret comes to light along with one other deep dark secret that happened a year before this night? Maybe but what will they say about you if you let that one day out of the bag? Because it is as strange as this story but it is true. As true as the sky is blue and grass is green.

That story we will see next. And then we will offer up what everyone thinks of what happened log ago and not so very far from here. How will you judge the outcome of these two situations? Can you find an answer in your heart of hearts that leaves this person whole or will you name him a nut case and tell the world that none of this could ever happen. They just dreamed it all up and are trying to get attention to themselves so they can make money? Is that what you will think? Will you really not sit and ponder the outcome of life through someones experience just because it never happened to you? Only time will tell. And that is not all that is Missing.



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