The Sounding Of A Trumpet And The Ringing Of The Bells

Reaching deep inside I find that sometimes there is nothing there to seek. It is puzzling to think that for almost sixty years that there is nothing stored up inside of my body. Perhaps one day while I was out it ran out of me onto the ground or maybe someone stole it while I was taking a nap. Thieves that wish to gather souls are everywhere. You can never tell when they will strike. I have thought about trying to trap one but flour did not work as they must walk on air. Laser’s did not work so I think they must be transparent.

Struggling to find something in my soul and finding it empty is disturbing. I have pondered over the idea that maybe God relieved me of some of the things that were causing me to slow down. My tank might be overflowing. But then I ask him and I for the life of me can not here any kind of answer. So I must believe that some demon has entered the house and touched me while I was sleeping.

How else could you explain the empty feeling I have? I have an idea that changing my routine might help but I think they watch me all day and wait for the time to come in and fill up on what I have stored up for the day. It seems very possible that they have to watch me all the time because I sometimes change my sleeping routine. I do this on purpose to see if I could stop this intruder but that plan has not worked.

If I could have someone sitting at my side while I sleep and protect me from any intruders that might work, but alias they might not we visible to the naked eye. Then maybe a constant flow of powder in the air alone with some yellow light could make them visible just long enough to catch them in the act. Of course I would have to wear a mask giving me oxygen and so would the person watching for the intruder.

I am not sure that this plan would work but it is a very good plan. Of course plans need more detail. Such as what kind of powder and is yellow light better than white and is white light better than red or amber? It is hard to tell what would cause these intruders to become visible. That is if there are more than one which I think there is. One that watches and the other comes inside the room and at the right moment with a signal from it’s lookout reaches in and takes what it is after.

I hope that the things that are taken from me have nothing to do with my soul or essence that would stop me from traveling on in my journey. These things could stop me from passing through the light into the other realm into the peace of the traveler who must climb the ladder to exist with others who have obtained the enlightenment that is required to travel to the next plain. Or to some into heaven.

What kind of creature would need what little I have to steal it during my rest. Not unless the Jin is responsible for this empty feeling that I have each day. Somehow it must need every tiny bit of my trusted soul or what ever it longs for. I know that God would not take it as he knows how hard I have strived to obtain the riches that he has bestowed on me so it has to be a demon, Jin or some other fowl creature looking to become powerful by stealing from people while they sleep.

I am tired and I need rest. I must be able to rest without worrying about some creature creeping through the night air just to come into some poor souls room and remove the good from them. It drains me and I can not think or write as everything is gone that I need to find the words and the love that I need to carry on my journey and into the next place in the journey.

But then the past can leave one a little open to the Jin to come in and take what it wants. I must reclaim what is mine and then I can make things right then I will be able to pass on to the next path and follow it where ever it may take me. This journey will be my last here but it will only be the beginning of my next journey which will be filled with happiness, love and beauty beyond belief. This is my journey and I know that I must take charge of where I will go and how I will get there.

By the very power of my being I will remove this evil from this earth and set it back into the dark from which it came. This will be the final act that should allow those who come after me to seek truth and find it without fear. When someone wants to change that path they will have everything they need to go down what ever path they which. And then we will all be in Balance with nature and the universe. We will give back what we have taken then we can pass on and choose our next path. In Peace For Ever.

Blessings to all and Peace to all who believe.

C you are always with me.


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