A Day Without Rain

I cry sometimes and don’t know why?

I am scared sometimes and there is nothing to be scared of.

I believe in God, yet I question why.

I feel lonely sometimes even around many people.

I look outside but I can’t see in.

I wonder if I will wake again and my eyes come open.

I am but a humble person and I hide from the world.

I am sorry but no one says, “I forgive you.”

I hurt and the pain never goes away.

I worry but there is nothing I can do about it.

I am sad because so many things I Love are gone.

I do not hate yet I think about wrongs in my life.

I do not want to be like this but God must have other plans for me.

Every sentence started with “I” but I have many around me that take care of me.

So why do I feel this way? Is there a real reason why? Am I lost and alone? Or is it just in my mind?

I meditate and pray to clam myself but my mind still goes ninety miles an hour.

So if I clam my mind will I feel better?

If  there is an answer will it come to me?

Will you tell me that you Love Me or just ignore me as our life goes by?

Will you smile at me when you see me or hide your face from me in a crowd?

Have you felt the way I do and will you tell me you know how I feel?

When I am gone will you remember me or will you keep going on with your life?

I see the world through clouded glass at a world so filled with hate.

I do not understand what happened to yesterday when today is so different.

Will you help me, take my hand and show me the way.

And the day when it does not rain will you meet me in the country and celebrate life?

A Day Without Rain is a day without tears, because you can not see my tears in the rain.

And that is what bothers me the most. Any day without you is a day of rain.

So I cry and you do not see the tears on my face. I want you to see me and warm me in your arms.

So if you see me in a crowd will you come to me and make me smile?

I am sorry for the way I feel but you are the only one for whom I have always loved.

heartspin C


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