I Never Knew How Much It Would Hurt

When I wake in the morning I see your smile.

When I go outside I see your eyes.

When drive I feel your hand soft and so sweet.

When I feel the sun it is your arms holding me close.

And when I go to sleep at night I see you in my dreams.

A small thought to start the day. The above just came to mind as I sit here to update my blog. A memory of a time when things were different and the feelings were different. Yet it is a tale of what was and what was never to be. A belief that makes a person want to go back and undo what was done. Many thoughts go into a persons mind when they see what they left behind.

A love comes once but sometimes twice.

No one knows if it will be nice.

And when you fall you must not fail.

For love comes once and then it becomes still.

The calm in your body excites the flame.

The passion you feel is yours to claim.

So if you see and understand what will be.

You know that your love is true to live.

So give up your heart so you can begin to give.

The promise given with God and his Grace.

A love comes once and never twice.

So hold on to love while you can.

You may never see it or long for more.

Think about what you have done before you walk out the door.

What does a person do when it is all over? And what can be done when it is all over? You know you are the one who stopped this affair. You were blind to and refused to see what you have done. Only later would you realize the mistake you have made and your life’s journey finds a fork in the road and you stand there the rest of your life waiting to see if you can find the path leading back to that day.

Love is hard and can be harsh. The pain it inflects can not be measured nor can one explain. The empty place in your chest seems to hurt and it will never go away.

With the love gone you have none for anything or anyone else because of your actions there will be no peace for you have turned a page that can not be turned back. And your life is just a another day of regret. As long as you may live. Where did that come from? As you may live. I suppose it works both ways.

Live and don’t get in a hurry. Life will go by fast enough without you going ninety miles an hour. Hold tight to everything before you let it go. And when you do leave it where you will and never, never look back again.

Or can you?


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