She was beautiful.

The most beautiful one in school.

Her smile made you feel wanted.

Her eyes were magic when she looked at you.

Her hands were soft and her fingers were long

The more to hold you and your hand.

Her hugs were tight and you know she did not want to let go.

When she spoke there was beauty in her voice.

The moon would make her face glow in the dark.

Her hair curled in just the right places.

Making it hard not to run your hands through it.

She was not hard to please and loved everything it seemed.

It was everything you would look for in the Woman of your Dreams.

She never spoke a harsh word and loved to please.

She would work for free to help those in the hospital.

She would never speak of it because bragging was not part of her.

It seemed that she was marching forward clinging to your hand.

And at the end of the rainbow would be a well laid plan.

A life of love that she had just found for the first time.

A love that would also teach her how harmful it can be.

She did not deserve to feel it and once the day was done.

Time would never heal the night her world came undone.

Forward past our future years, forward past our future time.

Beyond our minds eye the clutter we have done.

We find that what we see and seem to see are two different things.

For once the can is open , it can never be closed again.

And for that she will cry alone and never tell about the hurt.

The hurt she felt on that moonlit night.

Yes, she was the most beautiful woman in the town.

One that any man would be glad to have around.

Yet the one who finally won her heart would be the one to break it one day.

And even today you sit and watch and wait for the day.

The day that you meet again.

The day that passes time and makes you happy and gay.

The wonderful day she is again in your life.

The day the dream comes true.

With love I give you for I never stopped Loving You.


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