How do you tell someone you are sorry? Especially when the minute you open your mouth and say something it is out there and you can never get what you said or what you may have done back. It is there forever. Just like yesterday. You can never get back yesterday.
Elton John said in one song that “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.” This is so true. He also said in that song “How do I make you love me?” Along with all the other questions you would ask someone that you wish to make up with.
For all the teachings of all the religions in this world the hardest thing for anyone to do is to “Forgive.” Yet all religious teachings say that we must forgive and first we must forgive ourselves. However we can not get someone to forgive us no matter how hard we try.
They may think that you have other motives in your attempt in getting forgiven. And they may be right. If it is someone you love and realize you’re mistake you could have a motive by getting the person to forgive them to get them back into their life.
That could make the forgiving hard to get. And that would cause grief and rejection and you would be right feeling this way. You have pumped yourself up for that day and when it comes down to it you are getting what you gave them so very long ago.
It is a simple little word and when you say “I am Sorry” and you really mean it it may not be enough. You may need to prove it and that could even harder than anything you have done before. And what could you say? What can you do? When all else has failed where do you turn?
Your dream that started out like a fairy tale now has been shot down because of your ignorance and by being so immature. You were young, but is that an excuse. Maybe. Can you say that you are sorry and say it like you mean it? And if you do will it give you the outcome that you want?
Sometimes Sorry comes to late in life and words fall on deaf ears.
A dream, a mistake and the inability to admit that you are wrong. That may have been a lifetime ago but it still does not mean it will be taken seriously and you can pick up where you left off. And some may hold a grudge and that will cut deeper than any knife.
Sorry is the Hardest Word. Swallowing your pride and taking charge of your life. But you can beat yourself up and cry and act like a silly teenager again but sorry does not come any easier today as it did yesterday. And you live your dream in your mind because of what you did and what you did not due and then Dreams do not come true. Sorry.
“Sorry!” How hard can it be? “Sorry!”


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