When The Dream Ends

As with anything in life there has to be an end. Why you may ask! Well in every story or life has had a beginning (birth) a middle (middle age) and an end (death) or as in our dreams it comes down to if by now we have not seen our dream then it will never happen.
Sad as that may be it is just the cold hard truth. Yet when the day is over and we are still alive so will the dream still be alive. Even when we know that time pretty much makes the dream of a twenty year old impossible since now all people in that dream have aged as does the dreamer.
So what do you do when it ends? Some still hold on to it and ask the impossible. They want to go back and right the wrong and re-write their history. Which would cause a ripple affect in time. This would mean that everyone and everything that you touched before will never happen and some things will never be born and then there is the big possibility that the dream becomes a nightmare. So where does that leave you?
Alone, crying, demanding answers that you will never get an answer for. So in story of life the dream ends long before we die. And when the dream ends we are never the same.
So as we stood by the cliff looking down and then tried to climb back up our dream was there but just out of reach. Each time we thought we were going to grab it it moved further away at each attempt. We must admit our defeat and but that dream away and never bring it up again. Yet we are human and human nature will not let us. We will be haunted till we die because of that dream. We were so close.
And You “Stand On The Threshold Of A Dream.” The End


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