The Slippery Slope

As humans we have a habit of setting our goal to high and with that we fail. Our faith is tested with this because of the way we feel when we fail. This causes us to believe we are failures and no matter what we do we will fail.
Depression sinks in and with depression we turn our backs on our faith. The bubble has burst and we can never reach the golden ring no matter how much we try.
Dreams are wonderful and can make us strive for excellence to make that dream come true. Yet in the days of falling short of a dream we start doubting ourselves in everything. Which again leads us back to our faith. If we do not have faith in ourselves then we will no longer have faith in our religious background or if we are still seeking we may very well stop seeking altogether.
We then start our next journey on the “slippery slope” as I call it. That is where we get over some of our doubt and start climbing toward our goal but in this climb we get just so far and slip back down the slope. Causing us to loose more faith in ourselves and our “God” or what ever we may believe in. Some will take this as far as changing their belief as “I do not believe in any deity or God.”
We are depressed enough now that we end up taking medication for the depression and going to therapy. In some cases I would say that this was the right course of action. However it seems that the trend these days are pills and therapy and I believe that we go this route way to easy. So to me it is a cop out to the real reason why we are depressed.
We are blaming ourselves for this failure and we will blame anyone and everyone for this failure. There is nothing a pill can do that will help. It just slows you down. And in some cases the pills cause more harm than good. And that can lead to death.
So the question is “what should we do?” Are we leaving our best hope for success at the door and just want to have a “pity party?” We can sure do that. In fact we very good at doing that. We would rather sit around and cry and blame everyone for our downfall.
Instead of putting on our armor and going head first into the fire and putting our shoulder to the old grindstone and plowing ahead no matter what steps into our path we go forward and we push harder.
By all means the most powerful people in the world are weak. I say this because all humans have faults and these faults can come out in many different ways. So you can also turn this around. All weak people are strong. A weak person may only be weak physically but mentally they may be a genius.
As humans we are jealous of these people. Weak or strong we think that something about this person is hateful or that they got where they are because they have money. This is how we rationalize our failures. This just gives us more fuel our fire of failure.
All we have to do is stop for a moment and look at our “Faith” and what it has done for us. Not what has happened to us that was bad. We should realize that we have “free will.” This free will does mean that we had a hand in our success or our failure.
It was not God, or any other God that we may believe in. When we fail to keep that faith in our lives we miss the target. The meditation or prayer never hurts our situation. However the lack of takes us down to a level that our minds tell us we are failure and we will always be failure.
Being quite and meditating takes us out of the world and the things going on in the world. We do not need to be troubled with the things in the world but on the things that puts up above the things in a world. We do not need to act like everyone else. We have to be ourselves and put our confidence where it belongs. With our Faith we can be happy and happy people express that when they go look for a job or meeting people for our job.
There is a lot to being positive. I once worked for a company that said that when you got up in the morning and looked at yourself in the mirror that you should keep saying to yourself that “you are healthy, you are happy and you feel terrific.” The reason for this is that if you get up and you don’t pump yourself for the day you will fail.
There was also a saying that you would repeat during the day. “If there is nothing to loose by trying but a great deal to gain by all means try!” Along with this (this was selling insurance door to door) you were to knock on every door. Because if you did not do this the one you did not knock on may have been the one that would buy your product.
Again it comes down to Faith. It comes down to your dream. A dream that you have put in your mind or maybe you wrote it down so that you would always have it. A reminder of what you wanted and a plan on how to get there.
So in the end of all things it still comes down to faith. You’re faith in your dream, you’re faith in yourself, and most of all you’re faith in God or what ever religion you practice. You must keep your eye on these things and not let anyone or anything stop you or hinder your “Faith.” It is your best weapon against all foes. Don’t let that little guy called “doubt” sit on your shoulder and spout you’re so called failures and that you’re God has also failed you. You’re “faith” will never cause you to be a failure and you’re “faith” will be there with you even when you think it has left you.
Remember if you try you could very well be successful. Remember what Robert Kennedy said, “Some dream and ask why, I dream and say why not!” You can also do this as long as you do not let doubt enter your mind or whisper in you’re ear.
Let you’re faith guide you. Let you’re heart feel for you. Most of all let no one stop you.
Blessings to you.


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