Looking Up From The Bottom Of The Cliff

It is amazing at what you can see if you look up. From anywhere in the world you can look up at night and see something different every night. And from the bottom of the cliff you can see it was not that long of a drop and that you needed to look up.
If you only look down (which a lot of people do) then you will pass up many things that could change you and your view of the world. It might even change your life if you let it. That is why you look into someones eyes. Not just to be polite or see their soul but to show them that you are just as good as they are.
So in your journey through the faith that you have or do not have the dreams that you want have you might find yourselves in between any of these three things. And that could be good or bad depending on where you are in your journey and how much your mind has let go of the old things that for years you never knew were possible or even were true.
A person can walk a thousand miles but he must take that first step and he must have Faith that once that he made that first step he is committed to go where he is going. The Dream must obtainable and you must never let go of it. Never.
All that I have posted have centered around the core of the person. This core contains all the insight, feelings and dreams that every living being possess. This is where we draw our energy for all things in life. This is how we become who we are and how we are guided in our journey here.
The only question is are we being honest with ourselves and actually serious about what we are doing or are we just going through the motions? These doubts can keep us from happiness, love and other things this world has to offer. This is where we need to look up.
Granted not all things are up in the air, but most treasures that come to the earth come from above us. Rain, Sun which is important for the growth of our world and to help us sustain our lives by the things we grow and eat.
Our minds can lean to the wrong side and we think we are doing the right thing when actually we are trying take a short cut to get where we want to go. That shortcut can and will always be nonproductive. It will never happen because we place our focus on the goal or prize and forget the process of getting there.
We must try to overcome the human side of this process. If we let that side of our energy stray then everything we have done will be for nothing. We have to focus and make sure that focus is aimed at our core or center of our being. This again is where we either gain or loose what we have tried hard to find. It can be taken away in a moment. And then we suffer.
All mankind have these abilities and do not realize that they can determine the road ahead if we succeed and if we fail. Sadly most people do not know how to relax and focus on the energy they need and how much they can accomplish by using this process.


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