At The Bottom Of The Cliff Dreaming

It is great to take that personal time. Once you made that trip to the bottom of the cliff. You can easily take time to stop and reflect. The beauty of the space around you and the coolness of the wind blowing through the canyon you can feel your eyes getting heavier as each second goes by.
You close your eyes and if you are like me then all the books you have read or courses that you have taken come popping into your mind.
Which means that all those questions about the “meaning of life” come to mind which you begin to ponder and actually talk to yourself. All religions have something that a person is searching for. It seems like you bring all that knowledge of religions and the belief of each now occupies your mind.
Which in itself is interesting. You are traveling on a journey that you can change at anytime you wish. You can walk off the path and never find it again. For every good word in a religion there are bad lurking somewhere. But let us remember that most of the bad comes for people that do not understand the real meaning and make up a meaning to suite the needs they have which is usually war or some other thing that will benefit their cause or them.
No, religion is immune to this. Through the ages you can find those who took the religion to an extreme that not only hurt people but killed innocent children and others. These lines know no boundary. The Christians had Jim Jones and David Koresh. Muslims had three or four including a sleeper bunch in the US go by the name of “Nation of Islam.” This group is a hate group that fits right in with the KKK since they both want the same thing. However if you have ever read about Malcolm X you will find out that he went to Mecca and found that “The Nation Of Islam” was teaching outside of the box of the Qu’ran.
Malcolm X came back and denounced the Nation of Islam and said while he was at Mecca he saw many color of faces and they all believed the same way. We also find that today the family of Malcolm X believes that “The Nation Of Islam” had Malcolm X killed. Even today they still claim this belief.
So for every religion there are the bad apples. Just that some get more attention than others. People usually loose everything they own plus all the money they had and are fed vegetables and no protein which makes them easy targets to brainwash them into the “Clan.” And while they are in this “Clan” they beg for money and become brainwashed by the leader of the group and are ready to die for the leader no matter how outrages the demand is.
So our trip to the bottom of that cliff we see what we must do. We must not associate with any group that wants your money and your loyalty to them and to them only. We will not get into what these different groups actually tell their members but we will point out one thing, most want the women and young women to service him sexually.
By any known religion these demands and practices are never allowed and are considered a sin by all Known Religions. So we through these thoughts out of our minds and search for the happy things that we have had in our lives. We focus on the positive and only the positive.
This we know without a doubt will keep us out of harms way because we believe. Jesus said it Buddha did it, Mohammed did it too. And that is only the tip of the religions that are in this world. Never be afraid of a different religion. Learn from it and use it to help you in your beliefs.
The dream is still there and the answers are there. You must seek the answers and know that they are the answers you are looking for. No one would think less of you for doing this. It is the nature of man. Question everything and looking for a total answer may take a while. But stay true to your journey and never let go of your Dreams.


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