Stepping Over The Cliff

Standing on the edge of the cliff pondering you’re future is not productive. One must seek the knowledge before obtaining the path they must take. Seeking knowledge does not come overnight. You must be willing to make a lifetime commitment for obtaining knowledge. It takes a lifetime to find all the knowledge that you may seek.
This is good because later you will have all questions answered. However you must be prepared to accept that not all request for knowledge will be forthcoming and you may never get an answer. Not getting an answer in itself is the answer.
We sometimes we get tired as we ask for it over and over again. If the answer does not come then you must move to the next question or quest. Our journey is a long one and you must take sometime to rest. All creatures must rest. Without rest you could be lead down the wrong path because you are not rested enough to understand the goals you have set and the answers that you have before you.
Many people have had to wait for answers and some never seen the answer. A prime example is Moses who was to lead his people to the promise land but died before that could happen. Lot lost his wife while escaping Sodom. And Buddha got his answers not all at one time but as it was seem fit for him to know more for him to pass on this knowledge. One more example is Mohammad, he too did not get all the information in just one day. As he received the knowledge he wrote it down so he would have every word given to him correct for his people and those to come.
You can see now that many of the greatest minds in history have had to wait and some got the answer but never understood the answer. They were blind or were not true to their heart and turned their back on the answer and they became lost in life and would be lost in death.
Humans talk a lot but have a hard time shutting up and listening. When we do not listen then we loose out on what may be a life altering answer. You could be chosen to carry a message or to teach a message and if you do not listen you will not hear what you are suppose hear.
We wrap ourselves into the world and the things the world offers us that we do not take the time for ourselves. We must be quite, meditate and rest. Only then can we expect to see or hear any knowledge that may be coming to you.
The cycles of the earth and sun along with the ebb and flow of the tide are in harmony with each other. Without this harmony the earth would slingshot out of it’s orbit and most likely crash into the Sun or some other planet.
We must keep the cycle going which is part of the overall knowledge. In other words as we gain the knowledge we do not keep it to ourselves but we write it down to be preserved as we get the information and we then must pass it on so that the next generation can continue the quest for knowledge.
We can not break this change or life will become chaotic and everyone will be lost with no guidance. This then would be the end of human kind as we know it. People would steal, kill, rape, blow up things and do all manner of harm to other people and to this earth.
Remember we are just tenants here. We do not own the planet and the planet does not owe us anything unless we treat it the way it was meant to be. We have to give back two fold what we take away. This is one of the belief of the Native Americans going back long before any outside people coming in and treating the like they were animals.
That is where on civilization crashed into another and when the Europeans got here they were searching but they did not listen. They killed off millions of people to have the journey that they were seeking. Many places today still do that. We can not allow this. We must protect all form of life and beliefs to make sure that everything we know now is taught when we are not here. This is our journey. Or at least part of our journey. Our personal journey takes all things past present and future into the scheme of our learning.
Be blessed and do not be discourage for the knowledge will come as long as we do not push it or turn away from it. We must be still and quite so we can hear the answer. That will give us more than we would ever imagine. “Seek and you shall find. Ask and it will be given.”


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