Standing On The Edge

Some of you might remember the title “On The Threshold Of A Dream.” It happens to be the name of an album by The Moody Blues. The first time I heard the Moody Blues this was the album that was played for me.
The person who put the needle down on that record that night has never left me. That is even today no matter what song I hear by the she pops right into my head. She is a wonderful person and she let me into her life and this life changed me far more than I would ever believe.
Each album tells a story if you listen closely to the words. Some can be taken as “Religious.” And that can be heard in the song on the “Question Of Balance” album. The song on the last track is “Balance.” Listen to this song closely and it would seem as if the person they are singing is Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, or even Gandhi.
I will leave you to decide who they are talking about. For all we know maybe they are talking about us. When we finally realize who and what we are.
With this powerful tool then mind can wonder around in space and time and feel and see the greatest of all people. They can laugh, cry or just observe. What a great thing to do. Mentally searching ourselves for the inner being that sometimes hides from us even when we want it to show.
If we believe that we can meditate and reach deep into our bodies and find that truth that we so desperately seek in our lives then we can find the balance between the body, mind and universe. It is simply the will and belief that we are allowed to seek that place where peace can be found. Then we can always reach for the next step in our life.
We are just tenants here on this planet. Here we are to explore and seek our essence. It may take a lifetime to find but if we search with our hearts and mind it can be found. It is a simple task. And it does not matter what you believe in but if you believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself before you can believe in anything else.
Many people have proven that we can accomplish many things if only we believe in ourselves first and foremost and then all the questions will be answered. Some of you may say “That can’t be true because God did not say we could do that.” But I challenge you to this bit of wonderment. Do you think that the Bible, Quran or any other book reveals everything? If you do the you are going to be very surprised that these books are only a Guide on how we should live and they give us great references of people that believed and strayed and some that no matter what they were faithful through the good as well as the bad.
God put everything in motion and then left us here to either go by his word or not.
I ask you this. Can God do anything he wants? If you said yes then everything taught by science could be true. Just because it is not in the Bible, Quran or other book does not make it false. Remember there are still questions about many things taught about the creation. And even more about the last day. We may not know today but in the end we shall see everything and we will understand everything just as it was meant to be.
We, you and me are traveling on this big blue marble and each day we have things that can make us question what we believe. And that is how it is suppose to be. We have the will and the power to do anything if we believe in ourselves and what we believe in as a power greater than us.
That is looking over the Threshold and daring to Dream and to question and seek answers from everywhere on this earth. Our “free will” is ours given to us in the beginning. We just have to choose to escape the two Dimensions that we live in and reach out beyond that boundary and grasp the other side where the dimensions have no limits. If you can do that then you can believe what every person seeks.
Do you know what you are seeking?


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