New Rules For Religion

It is now a great question about these new found books that sheds a new life on the life of Jesus and a new view of the people who were around him.
The books that I mentioned in a previous entry. There is another book that comes to light. The book is “The Lost Books Of The Bible And The Forgotten Books of Eden”, it is published by World Bible Publishers, Inc. It has a copyright of 1926 by Alpha House, Inc with a copyright of 1927 which was in Newfoundland.
By the time I get down on this roller coaster ride of how to and what kind of Faith are you? Are these books true or are they made up stories? Who was smart enough to say that these were left out to take advantage of the people who would believe the way they wanted and so they would come back every week.
Is it that simple that for years Churches, Colleges, and Educators hid these writings which would enable them to continue to make money and thrive at the expense of a false book. Not completely lied but took out enough that would not change the look of the Prophets and The New Testament.
While we view a little of the books I have mentioned we will see a group of people who themselves are experts in their fields and they have used all of their resources to translate these books for the public. They know that the world needs the truth these books tell. So when Dan Brown made a movie about what has been there for years if someone had picked it up before Dan Brown the stories and the movie would not have caused the out pour would not have been there.
There are people who call them self Gnostics. I will leave that up to you to look up the meaning. It is important to what I am about to dive into. The belief that “Jesus did not Die on the Cross.” That Jesus and Mary went on a trip and lived their lives out without only a few knowing. Is this true? Well you would have to read the books and the references to come to you’re own opinion. What I am about to say is only what I read and made me think about what I read.
It would take a lot of time and for me to decide what I was reading and what I would take away from it. These scrolls were translated and verified by people with the knowledge of what they had. The end story is that you have to read and sit and decide what you want to believe and what you think is unreal.
Remember that it took a long time for the world to embrace the Bible as we know it today. And still there are those today that say there are things have been put in the Bible to look favorable to the world and to say that God favors only what it says now.
In the end. It is what it is. And what you believe will be the correct way. Your heart will tell you how to believe but I must put this part of my Religious Journey in here while I was struggling to find my place in the world. So don’t get upset, just remember that I was lost and I felt alone and was still mad. Mad at everything and every one. It had to be this way for me to finally find where I belonged and a little about what I am suppose to be doing here.
Another page is turned in life. ……


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