And Jesus Loved Her More Than Anyone

There are two versions of the Gnostic Bible but they are the same. One only gives brief stories while the second has all the scripture that was found on scrolls that all Church’s deny the truth of these scrolls yet they stood right along with the “Dead Sea Scrolls.”
Here is where we come forward to 2013. While I discovered these books in the 70’s and 80’s they really became to light when Dan Brown wrote two books that were made into movies. And the talk that was produced by the book would cause a stir in every Church across the Country and Around the World.
The reason I start with these set of books and movies is that both books by Dan Brown were “fiction” and yet the Churches seem to think that they were being sold as Non-fiction.
The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons were blockbuster movies and the books sold around the world like hotcakes. Again remember that these stories were “Fiction” and the Churches felt threatened by the books. Ministers and Pastors rushed to enlighten their flock and down play these stories and books.
Of course we know that anything that has “The Catholic Church” mentioned goes viral overnight. And this is exactly what happened.
However Dan Brown wrote these books with the help two books written in the 80’s. These books are “The Messianic Legacy” and Holy Blood Holy Grail.” Both books were written by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. And these two books are “non-fiction.”
These three writers took on a journey of truth about a subject that has had the world on pins and needles simply because they dealt with Jesus Christ and other members of the following that Jesus had.
The Gnostic Bible. You can read more about the Gnostic beliefs at this website.
Now the Gnostic Bible was based on another book “Nag Hammadi Library.” And again you can find out more about this book at this website, With the two books of non-fiction books plus these other research material is a life changer. It can make you sit back and think how true these books are.
The Nag Hammadi Library has books in it that according to the editor and translators paint a much different life of the man Jesus Christ. So Dan Brown’s two books and movies were really not the fire that had all Churches talking about a fiction story. They were afraid that people would find out about the Nag Hammadi Library and the Gospels and Writings of a few more of Jesus’ Apostles and those that were there with him from the beginning.
The scrolls were found in and around the Nile River in Egypt. Christan Ministers and Higher Up of the Catholic Church did not want people go find these books. Just as we learned in the first Dan Brown book.
When I discovered these books I found many books that told of Jesus kissing Mary Magdalene and in one book of the Nag Hammadi Library it is said he loved her more than any of them.
So actually Dan Brown put some facts in the movies but he twisted them a little bit. This was leaving people looking for answers because they believed the movie and book to be true.
I have read these books very many times and know that Gnositc Religion is in fact going on around the world. If one believes these books that were also not included in the Bible just as the “Dead Sea Scrolls.”
But they bring questions and no one had or have any answers except that the scrolls are fake. There are many writings by Women. One by Mary Magdalene and one by Jesus’ Mother. And no one wants you or me to know them because it would change the way we look at our Faith in the “Holy Bible”, and start asking questons. I know that I became very interested in these stories and have read many books about the Gnositc’s and the gospels in the Nag Hammadi Library which are complete scripture.
Dan Brown stayed true to his research about the Knights Templar and the safe keeping the Holy Grail. In fact it is said that the family of the young lady in the first book and movie came to the US and Canada and brought the Holy Grail with them. They have found rocks with symbols and words that only a Knights Templar would know and they know that they are Knights Templar was there because they left the mark of the Knights Templar.
And now we go even deeper into the Gospels and writings by others that send us a mixed message about Jesus Christ and his role while was here and these writings goes beyond the Holy Bible. I was now hooked into buying books which are more than I can write here. These books shed new light to me on what I thought the Bible was all about.
Today I still wonder about these pages and the story that is tells….. “And he loved her more than any.”
The Faith is now tested again. Where would I go from here/


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