A new age of Religion comes out of nowhere and now you become buried in books and each book leads you to another set of books and when you get them all together you find a revelation that you could not overlook and you would have more questions but this time it would give you a refreshing look at an old friend.
I was introduced to a portion of The Bible that are not in a lot of Bibles.
Some were parts taken out of books already there. And then there were the ones that were in the original 1611 King James Bible.
These books brought to lite some beliefs in the Christian world that no one was able to show me in the Bible that I carried for years. And this would start to change everything. We find the rest of The Book of Esther, “The Song of The Three Holy Children” that is pare of The Book of Daniel as well as “The History of the Destruction of Bel And The Dragon”, another part of the Book of Daniel.
We find in “The Book of Wisdom” something never written in the other Bible and that is this set of scriptures which outlines the very belief that reincarnation will not happen. Something not in Bibles without these books.
Chapter 2, Verse 5, For our lifetime is the passing of a shadow and our dying cannot be deferred because it is fixed with a seal; and no one returns. This and many other books and parts of other books hold beliefs that are preached in many Churches yet no scripture comes close to stating what most ministers can not show you, yet they said the Bible says it will not happen. Reincarnation is one of the main things that Christianity says is wrong. And the scripture has no value in most Churches especially those who does not have “The Apocraypha” in it.
Moving scripture in these pages and the Catholic Church has updated it’s official version to read slightly different read which is closer to the Latin. They felt that they needed to bring back a few of the old Latin which was used for years. The Bible they use here in the US is “The New American Bible.”
Yet again not all the answers were there. In fact it brought more questions and less answers but I did find that most of the preaching heard when I was growing up came from these books and that other knowledge from writers like Josephus, Philo, which outlined more of the Jewish History and some new insight into Jesus Christ.
Many Scholars use these books along with the Apocraypha to write commentaries which are used by many Pastors across the country. And no one questions how they know this because they can not find it in the Bible they carry.
Not even newer translations bring any light on subjects that the Churches preach. We are still given references to the books above and believe it without question. This was not acceptable to me. I wanted the answer! I wanted to know! Who am I in this plan and what am I suppose to be doing? Yet, no answer would be given to me.
And then the big breakthrough which predates two movies that got the Christian world jumping on hot coals. Two “Fiction” books and movies that all the Churches felt they had to down play it and tell the public that these things were not true. And why did they have to do this. The two books and movies never said that they were true? Why was it such a big deal when it was fiction?
I already knew the answer because years ago I had already read the books that were written by two men who had researched some old books and some scrolls that had been hidden away and the Churches did not want the public to see them or know about them. But long ago a new movement was running full steam and with it a Christian Movement that would change lives and bring new questions to light.
The movement was underground until the two books which was fiction but it was taken from two real books that were written years ago. This would take the basket off of the candle and bring with it more questions and who was protecting who. And why do we think we have the right to not put some things that were originally in the Jewish Bible out and never mention them again? This was my next turn in my hunt for the Spiritual need. My faith would be shattered even more.
Life would now turn a sharp U turn and where would I go from there? The answers now in my mind would never be answered since no one wants to talk about it. And now I seek “The Gnostic Bible.”……..


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