Pause, for Peace

I am pausing in the discussion for a moment of Peace and Quite. The effort that it takes to write the story of Faith takes a toll on the body. It brings a lot of old memories that I had not thought about in many years.
Not that these were bad memories but that it is a struggle to remember everything in the order it happened. Some of these blogs are not in the exact order in which they happened and I have tried not to put dates in the blog because the one thing I do not remember is the dates.
I know what happened but the dates have gone from my mind. So what you read is true and did actually happened. I just can not put dates to them. There is a lot of information here and just producing the path to where I was and where I am is enough of a strain.
Today it my time to rest and collect the thoughts on Monday’s blog. Which I have already started but only started with a few words and a title. As you read these I hope that you make a comment to me no matter what it is. Or ask a question. Just remember that the beginning Journey Blogs ties into the Faith Blog. You may or may not know or understand the connection but if you were there then you do.
Rest my friends and I will see you on Monday.


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