A Course In Miracles

Searching for answers becomes overwhelming in the early 70’s was hard. There were so many new thinkers who wrote books that caused a stir among a large amount of people like me looking for that answer.
Many new books had been produced that were being passed around and people were meeting in homes discussing these wonderful thoughts about many planes of existence. Some were simple while some were very hard not only to read but to understand.
In light of the main Church’s came the attack of young and strong thinkers who would do their best to change the thought of humans and to help them discover the purpose of the life they are living. Beyond Hindu, Buddha, Muslims, Pagan, and Christianity these messages was reaching out to a very large portion of the young people. Especially those in College who were just beginning to come to terms of freedom of doing what they wanted and the freedom of the mind.
Even Christianity was in on the bandwagon to catch children who were far from home, alone with no friends. They would work on them everyday. Not on the street or where they stayed but right on the college campus. Those who joined were called “Jesus Freaks.” A title that is still used to this day.
However there were many that went beyond the teaching of a belief or concept they brainwashed them and they fell off of the campus and the families could not find them.
As in Alcohol there were people who became very knowledgeable about these groups. They would for the right price not only get your child back but before you got that child would be brainwashed to believe that they had been brainwashed. This was called “intervention.”
There were many of us looking for that answer and in the process we read many books and went to many sessions in houses, halls, and auditoriums to listen, take notes and ask questions. Some would meet afterwards in cafes, and other places in small groups and talk about what they had read and heard and slice it up bit by bit to see if it was the answer. Many fell to the way side while others carried on adn recruited more from the campuses of Colleges all over the US.
While I have many books and have read all of them. I have them on my shelf. But to give you an example of the books that I went through while searching for an answer. It has been a long journey and interesting all at the same time. So here is a list of books. Not in any order.
A Course In Miracles
Science and Health with Key To The Scriptures
The Book of Mormon
The Urantia Book
Autobiography of a Yogi
The Power Of Your Supermind
Psycho Cybernetics
I Ching
Now this only a few of the many volumes that I have read searching for me. Searching for who and what I am and where do I fit in this world.
With each book I found a little something that made the light go on. Yet it was never enough for me to complete the definition of me and this world that I live in.
So I went back to a place that seemed to not have a negative impact on any belief and went to every seminar and or class on any subject that had to do with Religion or Self Help. During this period I became really confused and seemed to be falling down a very large deep hole.
I could not rationalize what had been going on in my life or mind. Where am I and what am I doing here. A subject of another book I read. These books and lecture along with classes I found only one thing that gave me a somewhat part of what I was seeking. Not all but a little bit.
In the back of the book Autobiography of a Yogi I found many more books that I eventually read all of them but I did not find the answer and I was getting discouraged.
I felt lost, alone and no one to talk to that could give me the exact answer I was wanting. I had things that had happened to me that was not from drugs or alcohol. I remember them to this day with clarity. So I search more and entered many houses of Worship and Offices of Spiritual leaders with questions. Yet each one fell short. So to the library I went. Now remember this is before computers so with each book meant a long stand at the catalog of files with numbers that you had to find to get the book you wanted. I spent many hours at these. I even wrote down some of the questions that I wanted answers to.
Oddly I found many false beliefs of known Religions.
An example of this is Buddha. In a book called “The Religions Of Man.” (it is still in print but with a new title). In this book we find that Buddha was asked questions and the surprising answers. They ask “Are you a God?” he said “No, I am the Enlightened One.” Then they ask him “Are You An Angel?” and his reply was, “No, I am the Enlightened One.” These questions made me believe that Buddhism as it is today is not the teachings or Prophesy of the man called Buddha. His answer to each question says that he had been given was a teaching that God had given him to give to the people. However in modern times Buddha is consider a “God”, which he denied over and over again. He went into the forest to meditate and was found this way and that is why you see him in the position today. No one ever produced a statue or drawing of him standing up.
With this I had to read more and more. I was sure that the answer was out there. I just did not know where to find it. Remember I was mad at God. I had shaken my fist at him and blamed him for everything that did not turn out right. With that hate I looked in every corner. I wiped spider webs and dust from books and kept reading.
The next thing I found some books that would open my eyes and raised my level of curiosity just jumped one hundred percent. One book “The Dead Sea Scrolls” was just the beginning of what I would find and years later see someone make a movie using the new found books that I found.
And now we question a question and that question would be why are these books not allowed to be reviewed and why are some of the things in these books used in Christianity and yet the beliefs are not in the Bible but come from these other books.
And the Library becomes larger and my eyes become larger at the message I read……..


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