Faith Divided

Let us go back a few years for a moment. This is the time I started learning about living outside of a small town and into a very large city. Now not the largest but it was pretty big to me.

While there I learned about things I had never heard of. Terms that define a person because of the way that they think and believe. It was amazing to be around them. The conversations were never boring and never about the same thing. Can you imagine just once being in a room with a few people who are comparing Hindu, Muslims, Christ,  Buddha, Transcendental  Meditation, and the Power of the mind. all in one night, and the no one and I mean no raised a voice or argue with anyone about the opinion of one of these topics?

I started following these people and taking classes with them and two amazing things happened to me. One was the evening I went to the school/Church and went inside a room that was round. In the middle of this room was a round wooden information center. Filled with all kinds of cards and other material. Here I found two simple cards and picked them up and read them. I put them in my billfold and turned to leave when time seemed to stop and by body raised off the floor. In this round room were Glass or Plastic signs with light making the shine. My body stopped and rotated around the room where I read each one. I would later find out these were called the “Shining Words.” Yet there was no rational explanation as to why I experienced the almost out of body experience. The next thing I knew I was standing in front of the door to leave and after a moment trying to understand I left.

Not to out do the first thing amazing but to only explain something that I still to this day do not understand and I have tried to get the answers. So here is what happened next. I rented a room with a lady in Lees Summit and on Friday after classes were out for the week I piled up in my 67 VW and drove to Warrensburg. Now Warrensburg is not that far from Lee’s Summit. I went there to see a girl because I wanted to first see her and talk to her. But found out before I got in the door that she had went home for the weekend. So I traveled back to Lees Summit. Went into the house and went to bed.

Now here comes the part that to this day I have no answers and have yet to have anyone that can tell me what happened. I woke up cleaned up and put my clothes on to take a walk to the business district of Lees Summit. They had a place there where many teens hung out. It was very popular. And I started making it a habit of going there every Saturday night. Please remember the two days I have mentioned.

When I walked into the living room the lady who I rented the room had company and as I went to the door she ask me where I was going. I replied up the the (I do not remember the name they called so here I will just say the dance) dance. She replied that it was Sunday and she did not think I was there since I had not come out of my room even though my car was parked out front.

Now I was not a big believer in UFO’s and all that stuff but I lost almost three days of my life that I can not explain. The last memories I had were going to Warrensburg and coming home. All done before midnight on Friday. So where was I for two days? According to the lady who very rarely left the house my door had been closed from Friday until Sunday which was at 6 pm. I did not get up go eat, drink or go to the bathroom.

Where did I go or where was I? I have tried hard to remember if I did something between Warrensburg and Lees Summit. And I can not find any memories that have led me to an answer. I have never had any flash backs or any dreams that make me think of anything was done to me. I had not taken any drugs and had not been drinking. Another fact that would have made since had I done these two things.

So from that day forward my Faith became divided. I did not know what to think of these two things that happened to me and I became so determined to find the answers that it almost killed me. No one has ever been able to say anything to make me believe in any one thing in particular in these two things.

And this is where my Faith started to crack. A big split in what I thought I believe and what I knew had happened to me. This is the first time I questioned my faith and from there. Is where I started the journey that I outlined in the previous post.

I questioned everything. I was confused and was given no answers that would satisfy my position. This all cracked the very being of what my life had been up to these strange things that entered my life.

I started to meditate and I started to go to the forums at Unity Village. Many with Swamis and other religious people from faiths that I had not know about until then. Since then I have kept up my knowledge of the faiths that I had begun to understand. I study them to this day. From Pagan to Christianity and everything in between. And believe me if you would see the books I have and read you would know that I am searching.

I went so far as to buy the Satanic Bible. I read it. (it is not that long and kind of stupid but there are those that profess it so I was not going to eliminate if from the rest.). I have so many books and have taken classes on all the known published religions that I mentioned early. So then I started to read about Native American beliefs which I was always interested int for personal reason and now it was one I had to use because of the many things about the spirit world that they believe in.

Now. 2013 I still don’t know the answers and I can not find anyone who has or can tell me why I lost two days of my life. Why I went to sleep on Friday and woke up on Sunday night. Why I floated in the air and what does it mean.

I became Ordained in 2010 which was something I had wanted in my life from the day I started college. I had not been able to get that done until 2010. But now with all the health problems the fact that I am Ordained really does not mean much since I have no people to talk with about Christianity. I sit here thinking about those days and why I did some of the things I did long before I left of College. I have regrets about those things even today.

Today I would invite anyone to tell me and or convince me of what happened to me. What did it mean and will it ever happen to me again before I die?

So now I wait for Answers……………


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