Dawn Has Broken

I heard a man once say that he could fix anything except a broken heart or the crack of dawn.  How profound these words are if you look outside of his meaning of the words. He fixed broken thing and made them new. But in life you can not fix a broken heart of change the crack of dawn.

The sun is rising over the trees in the east and the warmth begins to come over you. You stand and see you,re shadow in the reflection of the lake. And just when you think you are okay. That old memory takes it’s place. There you alone looking over the lake. Sun is beating down on you and yet you can not escape.

No one know the feelings you have and no one ever will is seems. And yet you know where you heart is and you know how you feel. You can not tell anyone for the Truth can never be revealed. The hurt, the pain, the laughter that you shared is always on your mind.

Where in this new dawn are you going and will it take you there? Because now another day has passed and you haven’t gained a thing. It is another day you can’t take back. You can not get what you do not own.You can not feel the love again you lost so long ago. And if you could would it ever last? Can you do what no man has ever done? Fix a broken heart and turn back the crack of dawn?

You stand along the shore looking blankly at the trees. Surround by the sounds of a new born day. You love and you want to be loved but at what price are you willing to pay? Would you go that far and take the chance to see what never will be? Or will you let the hurt mount up into you until your dying years. No one can help you and your friends might not care. That the pain you have carried all these years has been for someone else. The love that never died but has taken up a place where your heart use to be.

Go back to the day you found her. Go back the day it was clear. But when you go back you have to see the day you created the tears. The day you said the things that you can not remove from her ears. You are unable to do the things you want. And God has made it clear. Not letting you find her and be with her is the answer he does give. Yet you will not accept this answer and you will cry out with fear.

You look at yourself in the mirror of the lake and see what you have become after all of these years. Lonely and hurting a tired and worn shell of a man. Who took the chance and lost it all in the moment in a time long, long ago. It will not change what you have done but one thing is clear. You have loved her and you love her still. Nothing will ever change as you walk along the shore.

The music you hear is of long ago hidden in the night. And with that you know that though all of time your actions were not clear. You left, you were gone and your journey took you to a place that was not clear. So if you can help or answer me while you are here then what shall I do when it is all over? What can I do when all is done? This life has taken a longer walk and you’re troubles are really not clear.

A place in time and space you see. A work of art to some. A poet and a song. A love and a dear. What life could have been and the life you have lived. Has all been for her even though you have not won. The race is over and it is all down hill from here. So love again before I am gone. Love me one more time and take this fear. Give me your hand and hold me in your arms. I remember you. I know you . I love you as I did then and I always will.

For in my life there have been many loves but never one so dear as the love I had for you. I have never loved another like the love I have for you. I can not have you now for you have him and I have her but will the time ever change? Will you touch me again? Will you hold me in your arms and let me cry in pain. I do not ask for much for I never will. You can keep my heart I do not need it now because life has drawn me near. And with every beat of that lonely heart you will find is true. That in all these years the love I have has all been for you.

And then the day begins………


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