With the sand out of his shoes he walks towards the water. Here he finds the stones that were laid down the side of the bank to help reinforce the dam all the way to the spillway.
Sitting down on one of the rocks he leans back putting his arms behind his head and closed his eyes.
Now my (notice I went from him to I, watch because I will do this a lot) mind starts playing a movie but it is rewinding to the days when as a young man and just beginning to feel of what life is about he sees the car parked in the curve of the road. The lights have been turned off and even now he sees the two figures in the car. Small car but they manage to kiss and embrace. I take in a breath and I can smell her. I feel her skin on mine and I understand. I really understand that in those days of free love, protests and making a name as someone being a factor in change in the country that my mistake (and this is me thinking from the time that I sit in now) would be the downfall a life full of pain, hurt, loss, pain and taking the wrong path. The path that is wide and flat and easy to walk on.
This road would haunt me and I would haunt it.
It is true. You can not go back with what you know now and change anything and you may never right a wrong even though you will try very hard to make that connection again. But I took the wrong path and burned a bridge that I needed and so my path would end at the edge of the bridge where she is. Where did she go and why am I unable to connect again? This decision was made in haste and without discussion or reasoning as which road should be taken.
So with that decision I cut myself off from the one true and lasting love and would never be able to get it back again.
I opened my eyes to see the sun slowly going down the horizon hiding behind the trees. It’s golden color lighting up the water and trees with a brilliant orange glow on everything. With that I propped myself up and looked into the smooth surface of the water with the occasional bug landing on the water and a fish beginning it’s evening meal and there I would sit until darkness was over the lake where I would sit still and listen to the sounds and feel the chill of the evening coming off the water. And where I did I need to go now? I could not go. I had to make my plea before God. Here is where I would have to put myself before God and ask him again that I wanted the chance. I needed the time. So then I sat and listened. Evening………..


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