Sand In My Shoes

While walking along the shore of the lake I had to stop and pick out some sand and small pebbles out of my shoe. When I started to put my shoe back on I realized where I was standing.
So many years ago, almost on this very site I experienced the most wonderful act of love that I have ever had. She so gentle. Smiling as she looked right into my eyes. The moonlight made her eyes look like they were filled with stars.
We wrapped our arms around each other and the night became the night I would never forget. That night we gave each other the most precious thing two people have. Our hearts. And I would never get mine back.
However in the not so distant future in almost that same spot. It ended. A fool, stupid, to young to know better but thought he knew it all would cause all of it to end. Such arrogance to think that he could walk away without hurting her. How soon would he realize that in deed he did and wanted her back. But it was now to late. She was gone. And the life in a small town things get around and fast. who would have believed that years later he would actually find her and all the things he would do and say to get her back would mean nothing. All those years, all those dreams of begging for her to come back and changing his future in a way that only God would know.
On one dark nights, with frogs singing and the water slapping the shore he took his last look and it would haunt him for the rest of his life.


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