When The Journey Begins

Somewhere between Graduating from High School and the time it takes you to reach age 25 can be the worse days of anyone’s life.
Mistakes start spouting out of you’re mouth the minute that diploma gets into your hands. The problem is those decisions scar the very life that you will attempt to live.
Then you have to crawl back to God and ask for help. But will that request be the one that he answers?
Youth is wasted on dumb decisions that can never bring back and fix. You hurt people and years later you realize that they were the one. The one that would have kept you from still making mistakes.
Once the page of life is turned it can never be turned back. And we live with our mistakes. And we hurt because we have hurt others.
This Journey is one of ups and downs. But once down is sometimes hard to get back up. You question your faith. You question the very reason why you are here. And years later how do you make sure that the person you hurt understands that you, yes you made the biggest mistake of your life and that because of that decision life turned on you and with them it might have not been that way.
These are only simple examples that many people ask themselves. Yet that first step on this Journey may be a slippery one.


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